• Our Efforts To Save A Wild Bobcat

    We got a call about a Florida bobcat that got hit by a car. Watch as we make our best effort to try and save George the rehab bobcat.

    Big Cat Rescue

  • There's A NEW Species Of Piranha!

    A new species of fish in the piranha family was found in a tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil this month.

    Animalist News

  • Would You Sleep In A Shark Tank?

    An aquarium in Paris is hosting a contest and the winners get to sleep in a 360-degree underwater bedroom.

    Animalist News

  • FAQ Friday: Releasing Big Cat Into The Wild

    This month's FAQ Friday answers the common question of why we can not release our big cats into the wild.

    Big Cat Rescue Extras

  • The Adorable Hedgehog Cafe in Tokyo

    A hedgehog cafe recently opened in Tokyo, giving animal lovers a chance to touch and pet the prickly mammals.

    Animalist News

  • Squirrels Are Remarkable Problem Solvers

    These rodents demonstrate flexibility and persistence when problem solving, even at the risk of slowing down their hunt for food.

    Animalist News

  • Oh No! Young Elephant Stuck In Muddy Trap!

    An elephant stuck in deep mud in central Kenya was freed following extensive efforts from conservationists to rescue the animal.

    Animalist News

  • 5 Reasons Hoover Is Settling In Well

    From the Peruvian circus, to America at Big Cat Rescue, Hoover is settling in quite nicely. Check out the latest on how he is doing!!

    Big Cat Rescue

  • Meet The Cutest Bundle of Fluffy Joy

    Just a few weeks old and this fluffy baby ringed seal is tugging at the hearts of visitors as she snuggles up next to her mom.

    Animalist News

  • The Unlikely Friendship Between Man & Penguin

    Don't we all want a penguin bestie!

    Animalist News